Arctic News, Opinions and Articles


The Arctic Century is a portal devoted to the latest Arctic news, key trends in politics, economics, ecology, biology and social life of the Northern region. The portal regularly publishes expert opinions and articles devoted to the Arctic issues.

The Arctic Century

The publications on the website highlight the latest issues in the Arctic region for Russia and many other Arctic states. The most popular topics are:

  • Role of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in Russian and World Politics
  • Development of the North
  • Cooperation with indigenous peoples in the Arctic zone
  • International cooperation in the Arctic
  • Significance of the region for the future of international relations

The portal also publishes popular science and educational materials about interesting events, culture, innovations and discoveries in the Arctic, with an aim to popularise the topic and to raise concern about the problems of the region.

News feature recent events and discoveries in the Arctic region.

Opinions provide an analytical insight into the development of the Arctic.

Articles feature longreads written by experts and researchers of the Arctic region and international relations, as well as history and culture.

Arctic region

Portal The Arctic Century also has an independent version in Russian language which mainly features the events concerning Russian policies and events in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation.