12 Texts in Sami Found Within Chistaya Arktika [The Clean Arctic] Expedition


The 25th Festival of Sami Music and Culture in Olenegorsk. Photo: Natalya Saprunova/c/o Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award

12 texts in the Sami language were found by scientists from the Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 expedition, which started on August 15 from Murmansk. Later, the texts will be available at the Moscow Arctic Library with respect to copyrights, the scientific expedition's press service said.

We have been given books in the Sami language in the electronic format. Our library's scientific reading room will offer these materials to all teachers and scientists. This is very important since the process to approve the Kola Sami alphabet is currently under way. We plan a conference with Murmansk and Moscow scientists and teachers to hear their arguments for one of the variants of the alphabet, the press service quoted the library's head Olesya Polunina as saying.

Preserving northern languages, including those on the verge of extinction, is one of the librarians' tasks. They collaborate with scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences to document and digitize discovered content, including rare literary texts, artifacts, and audio and video content. During the expedition, scientists will travel from the western part of the Russian Arctic to the Far East, collecting ethnographic materials for the library collection. This unique archive will be available to scholars, teachers, and linguists.

About Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 expedition

The Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 expedition includes more than 700 representatives from 20 institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and higher education institutions as well as the Russian Geographical Society volunteers. It will last one year and end on the Kamchatka Peninsula. During the expedition, participants will conduct 200 studies on routes that will be as long as 12,000 km. 



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