2023 Arctic Circle Assembly


Photo: Arctic Circle

The 2023 Arctic Circle Assembly will be held in Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Reykjavík, Iceland. It starts on October 19 and concludes with a Culture Night on October 21.

According to the final programme, more than 700 speakers in over 200 Sessions will participate in the event. Besides, about 2000 participants from over 60 countries will attend the event.

The participants will discuss important and highly relevant topics such as climate change, environmental conservation, indigenous rights, sustainable development, and the geopolitical challenges that the Arctic region confronts. However, Russian representatives have not been invited to join the panel discussion, while over half of the Arctic area still belongs to Russia…

The programme also includes the Arctic Arts & Design Show. The past, present and future of Arctic arts and design will be shown through an interactive and multisensory show. The event will feature many other receptions, meetings and art exhibitions on key topics related to the Arctic, including climate change, clean energy, ocean resources, etc.

Source: Arctic Circle