A New Arctic Bus


The 13th International Industrial Exhibition INNOPROM-2023 began its work on July 10. One of the interesting developments is a new bus for Arctic conditions presented by the Ural Automotive Plant. The Ural-427701-75 Arctic bus can handle the operation even at 50 degrees below zero and has a top speed of 90 km/h.

Ural-427701-75. Photo:

The car can accommodate up to 22 passengers. It is designed for the safe transportation of people, and can also be used as mobile points for various purposes in the Far North. There are specially designed powerful ventilation and heating systems for each row of seats. Every passenger seat has a USB port, and swing-open tables have built-in wireless chargers. There is a bathroom in the aft part.

The manufacturer plans to produce 300 units of equipment annually.



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