About the 7th ARCTIC OPEN Film Festival



1,228 from 184 countries! That’s the number of submissions received by the 7th ARCTIC OPEN International Film Festival between 15 July and 10 September.

The ARCTIC OPEN Film Festival announced a shortlist of 58 films from 17 countries, including 11 feature films, 23 documentaries and 24 short films. The Festival will take place in the Arkhangelsk Region, Russia from 7-10 December 2023.

The Festival programme includes films from Russia, created in cooperation with European countries- France, Latvia, Poland, as well as Azerbaijan, Canada, Iran, Singapore, the Netherlands, the USA, and other countries.

The Short Film category features films from 14 countries, including Canada, China, Iran, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, the USA, and others, the festival director told TASS.

The ARCTIC OPEN Film Festival received a total of 1,228 submissions from 184 countries. The cross-cutting theme of this year is "Harbour City Stories". Another important theme is the connection and interaction between generations.

First held in the land of Pomors in 2017, the ARCTIC OPEN International Film Festival has been always more than just a film screening venue. ARCTIC OPEN is a multi-stage, cross-cultural, inter-regional project with a diverse line of training and outreach events in the field of modern audiovisual arts, cinematography, media and ethnic cultures, that last throughout the year.