‘Akademik Treshnikov’ to Deliver Polar Explorers and Supplies to the Arctic


The research vessel ‘Akademik Treshnikov’ will go on another voyage to the Arctic in the coming days. At present, the ship arrived in Arkhangelsk, where it will take on board the cargo required for delivery.

‘Akademik Treshnikov’. Photo: AARI

The ship will deliver food, fuel, lubricants and construction materials, scientific equipment, as well as a new crew of polar explorers to work at the Arctic stations. The recipients of cargo include the hydrometeorological and scientific stations of Roshydromet and the GPS monitoring and correction stations of ROSATOM, which, among other things, support global navigation satellite systems GLONASS/GPS.

The route of the R/V ‘Akademik Treshnikov’ will cover the entire Northern Sea Route. The ship will deliver cargo to remote islands located in the east of the Barents Sea and in the Kara Sea. Also, the research vessel will travel to the Taimyr Peninsula, to the Severnaya Zemlya and to the remote Arctic archipelago of New Siberian Islands. The ship will pass through the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea, the coast of Sakha, and Wrangel Island in the Chukchi Sea.

The final point of the expedition is the Cape Baranov Ice Base research station on the Severnaya Zemlya (in the area of the Shokalsky Strait). A crew of polar explorers from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute and everything necessary for life will be delivered there.

The research vessel ‘Akademik Treshnikov’ will return to St. Petersburg on the twentieth of November.

The Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) is the oldest and the largest Russian research institution in the field of comprehensive studies of the Polar Regions. Over 100 years of scientific work the Institute's specialists have organized about 1,100 expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica.



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