Almost 6,000 Tonnes of Scrap Metal Collected Within Clean Arctic Project


Photo: Arctic Russia

Volunteers and enterprises have collected almost 6,000 tonnes of scrap metal in Sakha [Yakutia], Russia since the launch of the Clean Arctic project, press office of the regional ministry for Arctic development and the North's peoples' affairs told TASS.

A total of 850 tonnes of scrap metal have been collected by volunteers alone since the launch of the Clean Arctic project. The local enterprises have collected about 5,000 tonnes - those are companies VSSK, Arktivtormet, and Yanolovo, the ministry's press office reports.

Clean Arctic is a large-scale project to clean up Russia’s Arctic territory from waste and rubbish accumulated since Soviet times. It was launched in Sakha in August 2021 in the village of Tiksi, Bulunsky District. Later on, the project was extended to other Arctic districts located in the region.

Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is the largest federal subject of Russia located in the north-eastern part of Siberia, in the Far Eastern Federal District. Yakutsk is the capital city of the region.