Arctic and Antarctic Museum Digitizes Polar Exploration Heritage


© Press Service of the St. Petersburg Committee on Arctic Affairs

Museum’s specialists will digitize all archival materials related to the Arctic’s development since the 19th century - unique photos, documents, and polar explorers’ diaries, the museum's Director told TASS at the Neva-2023 exhibition.

We will digitize our collection - diaries, archival documents, and our photo collection - […] to pass it on to future generations. We have purchased all the necessary equipment, the museum's Director stated.

During the process, the specialists will divide the materials into epochs and categories to make them more user-friendly. Besides, the museum plans to introduce interactive elements to its exhibitions.

In addition, the Arctic and Antarctic Museum expects to receive new exhibits. They include Arctic vessels that are no longer in use, vessels’ equipment, and some objects from the Vostok polar station in Antarctica after its reconstruction.

Already nowadays it is important to shape the modern history of the Arctic and Antarctic, the museum's Director added.

Source: TASS



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