Arctic and Antarctic Museum Plans to Create Polar Media Library


The access will be free for all

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The Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum will create the Polar Media Library in St. Petersburg, the museum's Director said at the 13th Arctic: Today and the Future International Forum.

The Polar Media Library will be an online space available to everyone.

The museum is about to launch an online space for researchers - the Polar Media Library, which will unite the knowledge about Arctic and Antarctic exploration. The access will be free for all. We will also update the museum's permanent exposition - surely, we will use interactive and multimedia technologies, though we plan to implement them most accurately into our academic exposition space, she added.

The museum will present plans to update the museum space in the coming year, she continued. A special focus in it will be made on the promotion of modern polar expeditions. One of the first due projects would be an exhibition dedicated to the results of the North Pole - 41 expedition. This exhibition project is planned for 2024.

The Russian State Museum of the Arctic opened on 8 January 1937. As Antarctica’s development continued actively, it changed its name to the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic. The museum exposition's topics are: "The Nature of the Arctic", "The History of Exploration and Development of the Northern Sea Route" and "The Antarctic." The collection has more than 60,000 items.

Source: TASS