Arctic Indigenous Peoples’ Attitudes Towards Social Media


Photo: NIIR

During the Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 expedition, scientists found out that communities of the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North seek social isolation from other users on the Internet.

Russian scientists collected data on the behaviour of residents of remote villages on their recent internet experience.

Modern social networks have hardly impressed the northerners. The most popular are messengers, where it is possible not to let in or exclude strangers, deputy head of the expedition said. Even young people use only photo and video posting features out of all the social media options, tending to socially isolate groups, he continued.

The deputy head of the expedition believes that this is largely due to the perception of the general culture of the Internet as hostile - destroying the world of different ethnic groups and imposing the aesthetics of urban life on children.

The Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 expedition includes 700 participants from more than 20 research centres and federal universities, as well as the Russian Geographical Society volunteers. Over a year-long term, participants will conduct 200 studies on routes that will be as long as 12,000 km.