Arctic LNG 2: Construction of the Third Train


The Arctic LNG 2 project. Photo: Official site of PAO NOVATEK

The Arctic LNG 2 project involves the construction of three LNG trains, with a capacity of 6.6 million tonnes per year each.

The Arctic LNG 2 plant is an LNG production-related project of NOVATEK. NOVATEK’s Offshore Superfacility Construction Centre has started construction of the third train (production line) on gravity-based structures in Belokamenka near Murmansk, Russia.

The concrete foundation is being poured. 1.7 thousand cubic metres of concrete has already been poured and more than 1.5 thousand tonnes of rebar has been installed.

Gravity-based structures are assembled on land [near Murmansk] and then delivered by sea. On 12 August, the first train of the Arctic LNG 2 project arrived at Gydan Peninsula, where the resource base is located.

The train consists of a concrete gravity-based structure with LNG and gas condensate storage tanks, and topside modules with the equipment to produce and offload LNG and stable gas condensate.

According to NOVATEK’s CEO, the LNG produced at the plant will be distributed depending on the ownership share.

For now, France's TotalEnergies, China's CNPC and CNOOC, and a consortium of Japan's Mitsui and JOGMEC - have 10% each. NOVATEK owns 60% of the project.



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