Arctic Transport: Arkhunt N Snow and Swamp-Going Vehicles


© Lev Fedoseyev/TASS

Russian specialists have started testing the Arkhunt N snow and swamp-going vehicles in the Polar Region as part of the winter stage of the Clean Arctic – Vostok-77 expedition.

Two expedition groups will have to pass through the frozen swamps of the Murmansk Region from Kandalaksha to Kirovsk. The Murmansk Region is a part of Russia above the Arctic Circle bordering the White Sea, the Barents Sea, Norway and Finland.

The tasks are twofold - to test the latest Russian equipment and to collect peat soil samples, deputy head of the expedition Dmitry Belov told TASS.

The scientists will test the vehicles’ suitability for use in Arctic conditions. Besides, upon completion of the tests, the Arkhunt N snow and swamp-going vehicles will be used to perform search and rescue operations and provide medical assistance to residents of hard-to-reach settlements.

In autumn, the specialists have already completed testing vehicles on the Karelian lakes.

In addition, once the current tests are completed, they will be tested in extreme conditions in the Yamal Peninsula.

The Arkhunt N is an all-terrain vehicle: specialists can use it to swim across a river, a lake or a swamp. The vehicle can accommodate 5-8 people and is designed for all-season use.

The Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 expedition includes 700 participants from more than 20 research centres and federal universities, as well as the Russian Geographical Society volunteers. Over a year-long term, participants will conduct 200 studies on routes that will be as long as 12,000 km.

Source: TASS