Artificial Intelligence Against Wild Animal Attacks


A bear image in the city created by the GigaChat neural network. Photo:

Scientists created a unique project known as Smart North. It uses artificial intelligence in its work to prevent animal attacks.

The idea to create a digital system came from the Quantorium Children's Technopark located in Russia. It is a unique environment for the accelerated development of children in current research and engineering areas.

At the moment, the scientists are teaching a neural network to find bear images from CCTV cameras. So, AI will warn people when a wild animal approaches a populated area.

The work is arranged as follows:

CCTV cameras transmit the video data to the intelligent system (IS). Then, it detects a bear in the video stream. When the bear approaches a populated area, the IS notifies environmentalists and emergency services.

The Russian Academy of Sciences also contributed to the project’s development. They proposed a methodology for the appropriate video surveillance cameras’ placement around settlements.