Atomflot’s Icebreakers Escorted a Capesize Bulk Carrier Across the Arctic


A unique Capesize class vessel Gingo in the port of Murmansk. Photo: Murmansk Commercial Sea Port

On September 6, the nuclear-powered icebreaker Taimyr and the universal nuclear icebreaker Sibir completed the operation on escorting a Capesize bulk carrier Gingo in the area of Cape Dezhnev, the water area of the Northern Sea Route. The ship was loaded with 164.5 thousand tonnes of iron-ore concentrate.

This is the first operation by icebreakers of FSUE Atomflot on providing icebreaker assistance to a ship of over 169,000-dwt from the west to the east.

The Northern Sea Route is quite popular with cargo carriers. Being aware of the weather and ice conditions, they can plan the most comfortable and safe route for a ship... The large-tonnage bulker passed the Northern Sea Route in 13 days. It should be noted that a voyage via the Suez Canal would take the ship twice as much time

Andrey Tenitsky, Advisor to the General Director of FSUE Atomflot

The full length of the route was 620 nautical miles and the average speed was 10 knots.

Comprehensive development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation is one of the state's strategic priorities. Increasing the volume of traffic via the NSR is vital for solving the transportation and cargo delivery tasks. The NSR development is ensured through the establishment of regular cargo transportation, construction of new nuclear icebreakers and modernization of the relevant infrastructure.



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