Belarus Intends to Develop the Northern Sea Route


Sevmorput, Russian nuclear-powered cargo ship. Photo:

Belarus has confirmed its intentions to export goods and import fish and shrimp via the Northern Sea Route. These statements were made during a meeting between Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Dmitry Krutoi with Governor of Magadan Region Sergey Nosov.

An icebreaker fleet is being built now [in Russia], and the Russian President's task is to ensure 140 million tons of cargo transportation [via the Northern Sea Route]. Of course, we are eager to participate in this project. It will allow us to reduce the delivery time of our goods to the Far East and China by half, Dmitry Krutoi stated.

Earlier this summer, Belarus officially confirmed its interest in the project to develop transportation along the Northern Sea Route. The country expects to simplify its access to China's markets, while the Northern Sea Route will halve the delivery time of Belarusian goods. Belarus is also interested in developing Russia's port infrastructure.