BRICS, African Countries Showing Interest in Russia’s Sfera Project


Photo: Sfera [Sphere] constellation satellite orbits. (Credit: Roscosmos)

The project includes a multi-satellite constellation for broadband Internet access in remote and inaccessible regions, including the Arctic.

The BRICS countries are interested in the project. They are willing to work on it together. […] Many African countries are also interested in developing satellite construction and are ready to work with us, Head of the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, said.

Roscosmos took the path of creating not one global, but several regional systems, the capabilities of which are focused on solving urgent problems for Russia, but can be expanded to the entire planet. This can include the maintenance of the Northern Sea Route – a promising transport corridor, as well as the development of broadband Internet access and the “Internet of things” in remote and inaccessible regions of the country, including the Arctic.

The Sfera [Sphere] project was approved by the Russian government in 2022.  The Russian multi-satellite constellation project Sfera [Sphere] involves the launch of 162 spacecraft into orbit. The first one was successfully launched in October 2022.

Sfera [Sphere] is one of the key projects of Roscosmos aimed at developing space information technologies and eliminating the so-called digital inequality. 

A significant part of Russia’s territory is located in high latitudes, where the population density is low, and the zones of taiga, tundra and permafrost interfere with the laying of fiber-optic communication networks. In such places, satellites will help to provide a full range of telecommunication services for stationary and mobile objects.