BRICS Arctic Floating University’s Expedition


Photo: The Arctic Floating University

The Arctic Floating University’s expedition for young scientists from BRICS countries may start its voyage from the Republic of Karelia, Russia, Head of the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences Olga Bakhmet said.

The Floating University Project is aimed at training young specialists in World Ocean studies. One of the components is sailing along the Northern Sea Route. The Karelia scientific center suggests beginning expeditions from Karelia, where we have the White Sea, the scientific fleet to be used for interesting expeditions involving young scientists, she continued.

According to Olga Bakhmet, the Karelian Research Center is currently a regional representative of the national committee for BRICS studies. The Center will expand partnerships to implement common scientific ideas. For example, scientists from China's Academy of Sciences will come in November. Moreover, discussions continue on new projects with South African, Indian and Brazilian scientists.

In August, Valery Falkov, Head of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, invited the countries to join the Floating University Project at the annual meeting of BRICS member states' science ministers held in South Africa.

The Arctic Floating University is a joint project of the Northern Arctic Federal University and the Northern Branch for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. The Arctic Floating University’s expeditions have been conducted since 2012.



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