BRICS Delegation Joined EMERCOM Arctic Exercises


Photo: EMERCOM of Russia in the Arkhangelsk region

These days Arkhangelsk hosts joint rescue on the icebreaker Captain Chadayev as part of the 6th BRICS working group meeting on disaster risk management.

Representatives of Brazil, China, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia and India are introduced to emergency rescue equipment, including airboats, mobile laboratories, snow and swamp-going vehicles, around 35 units of equipment used within the exercises.

The legend of the exercise suggests that the icebreaker Captain Chadayev was carried onto an underwater rock ridge due to the movement of significant ice masses. Heavy damages to the hull and flooding of the icebreaker's compartments led to the circuit of the main electric engines. Crew managed to extinguish the fire, eight people on board were injured. Then, a Mi-8 helicopter from the Second Arkhangelsk air squadron eliminated the rest of smoke and prepared the crew for evacuation in airboats. All in all, 23 specialists with the 6 units of equipment accomplished the exercise.

Fires are becoming more frequent, including in the Taiga and in the north. Undoubtedly, the BRICS countries have a lot of knowledge and experience, and combining the efforts we can more effectively counter these dangers, told Nikolay Korchunov, Ambassador-at-large of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Sources: PortNews, Pomorie