Calculator to Evaluate Arctic Human Adaptation

Photo by NVSU

Scientists from Nizhnevartovsk State University have patented a smartphone application called the Chronophysiological Adaptation Level Calculator. Its purpose is to timely diagnose desynchronoses in residents of the Far North and individuals with shift work schedules. The invention pertains to the fields of medicine and human physiology, specifically functional diagnostics. It enables the detection of desynchronoses and the development of personalized chronotherapy plans.

As reported by the Arctic Age, the life activities of all living beings on Earth, from plants to mammals, including humans, are governed by rhythms. Studying circadian rhythms is crucial for understanding the functioning of the body in extreme conditions, such as in the North, where natural factors synchronizing daily rhythms are absent during polar days and nights. The patented application uses a formula that takes into account ultradian, infradian, and amplitude-phase characteristics of recorded high-, medium-, and low-frequency rhythms.

This formula is original and has no analogs. The idea for the development emerged during research on human adaptation to the polar climate in conditions of an asymmetrical photoperiod.

Disruption of biorhythms, resulting in the formation of acute and chronic desynchronoses, leads to the development of pathological conditions and significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular dysfunctions. In turn, the innovative application will help prevent these threats.