Clean Arctic — Vostok-77 Expedition Researches North Peoples’ Languages


Photo: Boris Slepnev

The Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 expedition aims to research and preserve rare Northern languages, the expedition's press office reports.

Nenets and its closest relative - Selkup, as well as Khanty, Evenki, and Veps are the languages, dialects and writings of the North's indigenous peoples. The Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 experts will research these languages during the expedition.

Experts of the Moscow Arctic Library will join a group that will search for rare books, audio recordings and video content in languages of ancestors, the press office added.

Russia's first scientific department of publications in rare languages has been working at the Moscow Arctic Library No. 77 for about a year. The collection will soon receive new editions - books about the life, culture, and crafts of the North's indigenous peoples, the head of the Arctic Library said.

We are happy to have close cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Clean Arctic experts. Thanks to the expedition, our collection is receiving books in rare languages, she added.

Further on, librarians and experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences will describe the new objects and make digital copies of them.

About Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 expedition

The Clean Arctic - Vostok-77 expedition includes 700 participants from more than 20 research centres and federal universities, as well as the Russian Geographical Society volunteers. Over a year-long term, participants will conduct 200 studies on routes that will be as long as 12,000 km.