Developments in 3D Printing and Metal Additive Manufacturing


Photo: Photonics Media

Scientists at the Russian Arctic Research and Education Centre (AREC) have developed 5 new materials, namely metal powders, for the additive production of ship parts.

The materials will be used in the construction of new ships and in the repair work of those already in operation by applying laser cladding technology, Vice-Rector for Innovative Development at NArFU and Scientific Director of the world-class Russian Arctic Research and Education Centre said.

Five metal powders created by scientists can be used to ‘grow’ ship parts with the help of additive manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a method of producing physical objects such as mechanical parts by adding material layer-by-layer based on a 3D model.

Besides, the further implementation of on-board 3D printers will make maritime shipping safer, more reliable and self-sufficient, especially in emergency cases where urgent repairs are needed.