Drones Could Deliver Cargo to Remote Arctic Communities


Illustration photo: TurboSquid

Currently, cargo is delivered to remote Arctic settlements using traditional means of transport, mainly helicopters.

Unmanned aerial vehicles should be used to deliver cargo, including food, to remote areas of the Far North, as well as to the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, Member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security said at the International Digital Transportation Forum on 19 December.

He noted that cargo delivery to these sparsely populated areas is currently carried out using traditional means of transport, mainly helicopters, adding that one flight in these areas costs between 220,000 and 380,000 roubles an hour [between $2,4 thousand and $4,2 thousand].

According to the Russian politician, the Nenets Autonomous District subsidises transport costs to deliver products to its remote areas and spends about 120 million roubles [ $1 million 326 thousand] on it.

Therefore, the use of drones to deliver cargo to these remote areas should be considered.

The Nenets Autonomous District is located in the northeast of the European part of Russia on the White, Barents, and Kara Seas. Most of the region (more than 90%) is located beyond the Arctic Circle and the entire territory of the district is within the Arctic zone.

The Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation is part of the Arctic territory where special taxation and administrative schemes are applied.