First Oil Robot Working in Yamal

Photo by Vesti. Yamal

A chemical-analytical laboratory in Yamal has introduced the first oil worker robot in the Arctic.

The device determines the concentration of petroleum products and the six-component composition in formation water samples. This research is a part of the production routine. People can focus on complex high-tech processes related to oil and gas testing by transferring the mentioned task to the robot.

The main advantage of the robot is that it does not get tired and can perform approximately 15 tests per shift, 30 per day. This device is currently being prepared to work with liquid hydrocarbons, which is the next stage of its evolution.

The first digital drilling project has been implemented in Yamal—the first in Russia. Artificial intelligence technologies are being integrated into all aspects of digital activities. This includes extraction, preparation for oil transportation, safety, energy, and transport. The robot is a part of a large-scale program for the development of digital technologies and the informatization of production.

Currently, the test version is undergoing trials in the Arctic. In the future, as reported by the laboratory, the robot will be refined to meet the specifics of real production. Gazprom Neft laboratories are planning a wide implementation of the robots in their every day work.