Historical Adventure Film Is Being Shot in Chukotka


A large-scale cultural project recreates an Eskimo settlement of the 16th-19th centuries

Chukchi sea hunter. Photo: Afanasy Makovnev / GeoPhoto

Alexey Vakhrushev will direct the historical adventure film about the life of the Chukchi and Eskimos in the 17th century. The film takes place in 1610 and tells the story of a young man who encounters the spirits of nature and disease, as well as the mistress of the sea. The protagonist will overcome many challenges and become the Master of the land - the founder of the clan in these lands.

Authentic items of clothing, household items, means of hunting and travelling are being created for filming purposes. Moreover, a whole village is also being built. Upon completion of the film shooting, the village will turn into the Nunalikhtak ethnic park.

Scientists and specialists from various institutes and museums of Russia will take part in the creation of hunters' equipment, household utensils, pottery, toys, amulets and other things. They will advise craftsmen on how to faithfully convey the appearance of things of the 17th century. Local craftsmen have already made traditional Eskimo costumes made of fur. After the filming is completed, all costumes and items will remain in the Nunalikhtak ethnic park.

Chukotka officially the Chukotka Autonomous Area is Russia’s most northeastern territory. It occupies the Chukchi Peninsula and the neighbouring area of continental Eurasia.