Hottest July 2023 Ever for the Arctic


© RIA Novosti. Vera Costamo

July 2023 was the third warmest month for the Arctic in the history of weather observations, said Roman Vilfand, Scientific Leader of the Hydrometeorological Research Center of the Russian Federation.

It was very hot in the southern part of European Russia in July. Temperatures reached 38-40 ºC, the scientist said.

"In the Arctic, July was the third warmest month in the history of weather observations. The main contribution to this so-called “achievement” was made by the Arctic territories of Canada and the Russian territories north of the Urals Federal District,"

Roman Vilfand

Meanwhile, global temperatures for June and July in 2023 were the highest on record for the planet.

"The planet experienced its hottest June and July on record - global June and July temperatures in 2023 were at record highs. Such temperatures have never occurred before during the entire period of instrumental observations," the meteorologist said.

In Europe, according to Vilfand, temperature records were recorded for many days. At the same time in July in the European part of Russia the temperature background was moderate, even slightly below the normal. In the rest of the country - in the Urals, especially in its northern part, in Siberia – extremely high temperatures were observed.



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