International Scientific Centre Will Be Opened in Pyramiden, Svalbard


Pyramiden is situated at 79°N, some 50 kilometers north of Longyearbyen. Photo: Thomas Nilsen.

On 23 November, the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted the international round table on the “International Cooperation in the Arctic: Current State and Prospects of Development in New Conditions."

During the round table, the Trust Arktikugol’s Deputy Director General for work with scientific organisations told about the company’s plans to establish an International Scientific and Educational Centre in Pyramiden, Svalbard.

The Trust Arktikugol is a Russian state-owned coal mining company operating in Svalbard, Norway.

The Centre will aim to create opportunities for cooperation between the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) member countries, as well as other interested countries in the field of integrated study of the Earth's geospheres in the Arctic. Besides, the Centre will also train highly qualified scientific personnel.

The International Scientific and Educational Centre in Pyramiden is being established as a consortium of independent research, scientific, educational institutions and organisations of the participating countries. It will include a research complex and an Arctic educational centre.

Educational activities will be carried out through the research and educational network programmes, courses, short-term programmes (summer and winter schools), and internships using the scientific infrastructure of the Centre, the Trust Arktikugol reports.