Kem-Belomorsk Agglomeration Among Backbone Arctic Territories


Photo: Maritime Security Review

In mid-February, a session The Development of the Kem-Belomorsk Agglomeration – a Backbone Territory of the Russian Arctic Zone took place in Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Northwest Russia. The session was organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of Karelia as part of Kem-Belomorsk Agglomeration Master Plan to guide the sustainable development of the area until 2035.

The key topics at the roundtable envisaged:

- Kem-Belomorsk Agglomeration capacity in the context of the development of the Northern Sea Route, building the associated infrastructure on the White Sea,

- Kem-Belomorsk Agglomeration as a driver of economic development in the Arctic Karelia,

- Infrastructure for Arctic, environmental, and historical tourism,

- Development of social infrastructure, including leisure, education, healthcare, culture, and sports,

- Urban environment: housing, transportation, daily commuting, public areas, and the quality of urban life.

The proposals are expected to facilitate shaping scenarios for the social, economic and spatial development of the territory over the next 10 years.