Latin American Arctic Priorities Are Visible Now


Photo: Marinha do Brasil CC BY-SA 2.0 Deed

The Brazilian TV channel COM Brazil premiered the documentary film TV BRICS "The Golden Coast of the Arctic" about the development of the mining industry in Russia.

The film tells about the Mayskoye gold deposit, one of the largest in the world. It is located two hundred kilometres from Pevek, Russia's northernmost city. The Brazilian residents were able to travel to the Golden Coast of the Arctic: they got to know those who live and work in Chukotka, learnt the history of this amazing region and expanded their knowledge of the technologies that make hard work in the Far North easier and safer.

So far, Brazil itself pays more attention to the Arctic region. The country has a broad experience in ocean science and technology, specifically gained from the Antarctic research, which appears to be a priority in the development of scientific international cooperation. Also, Brazil has advanced mining technologies, including offshore mining. Brazil extracts more than two-thirds of its petroleum from the Campos basin on the continental shelf off Rio de Janeiro state.

Brazil reiterated its interest in the Arctic in 2023 in the updated Ten-Year Plan for Antarctic Science in Brazil 2023–2032, which includes a special section on the Arctic. Also, the country sent its first research expedition to the Arctic in 2023. According to Brazilian experts, this expedition could mark the beginning of Brazil's integration into studies "considered strategic from a geopolitical point of view".



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