«Microwave» for the Arctic



Russian scientists at the Ogarev Mordovia State University have developed a self-heating food package that can be used in extreme Arctic conditions, the press office of the Platform of University Technological Entrepreneurship supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia reported at the 3rd Congress of Young Scientists.

We have two packages. One with a heating element, inside which we place a can of Spam. We have a special solution that will not freeze either at -30 °C or -50 °C in the second one. We add snow to it up to the mark. That's what starts the heating process. Then, we pour the contents of the second package into the first one and leave it, one of the authors of the project explained.

It takes 10 minutes to heat up a can of Spam, she said.

In the development, Russian scientists used harmless materials, which are disposed of as household waste. A test sample has now been created.