Mortal Gas Emissions As the Global Warming Continues



Scientists from the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) thanks to the research have confirmed that the ice-thawing in the Arctic region may cause a release of radioactive gas, namely radon.

Recent studies demonstrate that the gas jeopardises the health of ordinary people due to thawing, leading to poisoned gas emission that concentrates inside buildings and basements. While the permafrost does not allow the gas to reach the atmosphere, the alarming ice-thawing increases the temperature in the Arctic, causing releases of radioactive gas on the surface.

Radon – is a dangerous gas that is a result of uranium decay. Neither does it have colour nor odour. It is considered the primary reason for lung cancer, especially among non-smokers. Once it is inside buildings, radon can form a radioactive cloud that takes years to disperse. So as to prevent this problem, effective ventilation systems should be provided, said British scientists. The consequences might be aggravated as scientists concluded that methane emissions have also recently grown in the Arctic, accelerating thawing due to its strong greenhouse effect.

In 2021, Russian scientists already conducted research on radon hazards in the region. They believe the permafrost is an opportunity to forecast potential threats due to radon-emission. Specialists assume that the gas migrates as a result of ice thawing.

Source:, Nauka.tass,