Moscow and Beijing to Sign a Cooperation Agreement on Arctic Station Project


Snowflake International Arctic Station. Photo: Institute of Arctic Technologies MIPT

Russia and China are currently preparing to sign a cooperation agreement on the Snowflake (Snezhinka) hydrogen power station in the Arctic, Ambassador-at-large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Nikolay Korchunov said.

The Snowflake International Arctic Station is a fully autonomous year-round diesel-free arctic facility.

According to the diplomat, the countries are now preparing to sign a cooperation agreement.

This topic was discussed in detail during the latest round of Russian-Chinese consultations on the Arctic on September 7 in Moscow. China’s Ministry of Science and Technology identified Harbin Engineering University as a partner for the Russian coordinator on the creation of the Snezhinka station, Korchunov told RIA Novosti.

Nikolay Korchunov also stated that Russia's plans to build the station remain in force, with construction of the facility continuing in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YNAO).

The diplomat emphasized that China shows the greatest interest in the project among Russian foreign partners.

A draft of the cooperation agreement has been agreed upon with China, the dates and place of its signing are being worked out. All scientific and educational organizations interested, as well as Chinese companies can join this project, Korchunov said.

Korchunov added that Russia is open to developing mutually beneficial scientific cooperation in the Arctic and is ready to develop cooperation with other countries within the framework of the Snowflake project.

The Snowflake International Arctic Station is designed as a fully autonomous complex powered by renewable energy sources and hydrogen fuel (without diesel fuel). It will consist of several dome-type buildings connected by passages. The station project received this name because of its top view.



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