Steel Construction Technologies Proposed for the Arctic


Experts and participants at the 'Far East and Arctic - 2024' conference discussed the effectiveness of steel construction technologies in challenging and remote regions.

EVRAZ STEEL, in collaboration with partners, has developed a standard five- and seven-story frame house with frame-clad walls, reinforced with monolith by profiled sheeting, the company announced. The project has enabled active construction in the most housing-needy areas of Russia.

During the round table discussion 'Construction and Infrastructure Development in the Arctic and the Far East,' the question was raised about the increasing construction volumes on a steel frame in remote regions with challenging geological and climatic conditions. Essentially, the only solution for updating the housing stock and social infrastructure is the implementation of cutting-edge construction technologies. Steel construction technologies enable fast construction while considering the peculiarities of extreme seismic activity and the Arctic climate.

According to experts, the large-scale renovation program in Norilsk has become a flagship project for the development of steel construction in the country. By 2035, 45 emergency and dilapidated buildings with a total area of 232,000 square meters are planned for demolition.

In 2023, within the EVRAZ STEEL ecosystem, 19 schools, 33 sports complexes, and 10 clinics were built in hard-to-reach regions. A total of 51 thousand tons of metal structures and 19 thousand tons of I-beams were used, the company specified.