New Transport Route: North Siberian Railway


Photo: The Russian Transport Academy 

One of its tracks will lead to the Arctic

The North Siberian Railway will connect the Trans-Siberian Railway with the Northern Sea Route. Its concept is expected to be presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum next summer.

The North Siberian Railway will contribute to the development of Siberia's economy. It will be used to transport large-tonnage cargo, namely grain, fertiliser and coal.

One of the North Siberian Railway’s tracks will lead to the Arctic. Experts say it may lead to the shores of the Gulf of Ob in Yamburg, Russia or the Sabetta port. Another railway track will lead to China across the Siberian regions.

Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as the Siberian Transport University, will develop the concept. They will also estimate the economic effect caused by the road construction.