New Type of Oil Storage Container Developed


On the left: the developed construction consisting of 72 polymer jerry cans. On the right: two standard 200-liter barrels. Photo: Omsk State Technical University's Media Office

Russian scientists at Omsk State Technical University (OmSTU) have developed a new construction consisting of polymer jerry cans for oil storage and transportation.

The construction will increase the amount of cargo transported simultaneously on a standard euro-pallet by 60 per cent compared to the traditional method. In addition, it will expand the range of transported goods. The jerry cans can be recycled after use, the University Media Office says.

The developed construction consists of 5, 10 and 20-liter jerry cans. They are connected to each other by mortise and tenon method.

Comparing the placement of our construction on a euro-pallet with the placement of two traditional 200-liter barrels, then, with the same dimensions, 640 liters of petroleum products can be placed in the developed construction compared to 400 liters in two barrels, Denis Davydovich, an employee of the research laboratory ‘Vapour-gas mixtures in launch-vehicles’ at OmSTU, said.

The scientists have already developed a polymer composite material based on polyethylene. This material can be used to create jerry cans suitable for extreme Arctic conditions.

The developed construction will allow petrol, oil, diesel and other materials to be transported on the same pallet.

In addition, the scientist noted that the proposed construction should also have a positive impact on the environment of the Arctic and the Far North. The scientists are currently developing a system for recycling polymer materials.

Source: RIA Novosti