Nornickel Presented Innovative Developments for Carbon-Neutral Energy in Beijing


"Nornickel" presented its innovative advancements in utilizing palladium for carbon-neutral and hydrogen energy at the Clean Energy Expo China. Following the conference, which rivals the scale of a UN climate conference, the company was admitted to the China Hydrogen Alliance, a coalition of over 150 members, including nearly 30 Chinese state-owned enterprises.

Leadership from "Nornickel" emphasized during the event that the company is investing significantly in research and development of new palladium-based products. Palladium, a transition metal belonging to the platinum group, holds promise in facilitating energy transformation efforts. The global aim of energy transformation is to reduce emissions worldwide to zero by 2050, necessitating increased capital expenditures for modernization by companies globally.

Photo: Anna Korzhavina / Clean Energy Expo China 2024

Due to its unique properties, palladium has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency of hydrogen production, energy generation from hydrogen, solar energy utilization, and other "green" technologies. Additionally, "Nornickel's" new palladium-based products for hydrogen energy are anticipated to reduce costs across all stages of production.

The market for electrolyzers, which play a crucial role in hydrogen production as the fuel of the future, is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade. Consequently, "Nornickel" is engaged in research and development in this field, offering innovative palladium-based solutions capable of reducing costs and improving the efficiency of hydrogen production.

As the world moves towards a more sustainable and green future, "Nornickel" continues to play a key role in the development and implementation of cutting-edge carbon-neutral technologies.

Source: Nornickel