Norwegian Chairship Meets with Indigenous Peoples’ Organisations



Participants discussed plans for the Norwegian Chairship of the Arctic Council (2023-2025), the Arctic Council’s status and the process of resuming work at the Working Group level, as well as the Permanent Participants’ priorities.

The Permanent Participants are an integral part of the Arctic Council, and their input on Arctic Council matters and activities is highly valued

Morten Høglund, Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials

A meeting with six Indigenous Peoples' organisations that have Arctic Council Permanent Participant status took place on October 2-3, 2023, in Girkonjárga-Kirkenes.

The meeting gave an opportunity to all Indigenous Permanent Participants to raise their priorities in the Arctic Council’s work and to present their current activities. The participants also discussed such topics as the Norwegian Chairship’s cross-cutting priorities on Indigenous Peoples and youth and ways to enhance Permanent Participants’ involvement in Arctic Council projects.

This meeting was important to align on and advance productive cooperation on the resumption of Working Group level activities and discussions on the current status and future of the Arctic Council. Multilateral people-to-people cooperation among Indigenous Peoples is integral to the mandate of the Arctic Council, and I am grateful to all participants for the constructive discussions this week, and for the opportunity to continue to support this cooperation, Morten Høglund stated.

Source: Arctic Council Secretariat



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