Okskaya Shipyard Starts the Construction of Ice-Class Dry-Cargo Vessels


A new ice-class fleet is being established to operate on the Northern Sea Route

Dry-cargo vessel of RSD59 project. Photo: Nevsky Shipyard

A dry-cargo vessel of the RSD59ARC project for the Arctic was laid down at the Okskaya Shipyard in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

The vessel’s Ice3 Class will potentially allow it to operate along the Northern Sea Route from June to October.

In summer 2023, general director of the State Transport Leasing Company announced plans for 13 motor vessels to operate in the Arctic waters.

The construction of dry-cargo vessels is carried out under the governmental programme and supported by National Welfare Fund. The project will cost 22 billion roubles ($246,8 million). According to the plan, the first vessels of the RSD59ARC project will be commissioned in 2025.

The dry-cargo vessels will be equipped with 1,600 kW engines each, which is one-third more than in standard counterparts. The RSD59ARC fleet will be able to unload at unequipped berths due to the installed cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 40 tonnes.

Source: Taymyrsky Telegraph