Polar Bear Patrol May Be Organised in Russia’s Dikson


Photo: The Taimyr Telegraph

Dikson is the northernmost port in Russia and one of the northernmost settlements in the world. Located at the western edge of the Taimyr Peninsula, east in the Kara Sea and at the entrance to the Yenisei River, Dikson had the geography on its side.

Russia's natural resources watchdog, Rosprirodnadzor, initiates "polar bear patrols" to prevent encounters between people and polar bears, listed in the Russian Red Data Book. Such a patrol may be organised in the village of Dikson, the Krasnoyarsk Region, the authority's leader said at a meeting with the Russian President.

We would like to organise a Polar Bear Patrol, it is very important for us: we teach people how to behave in a conflict situation. Sure, the residents of Dikson settlement are scared, they fear for themselves, for their children. And this training and this work at our level, at the regional level seems to us very important. And we ask you to support us, the Head of Rosprirodnadzor said.

The region could form such a team, and the authority's staff will train the people, she added.

In addition, the Compass Foundation, together with Rosprirodnadzor, is launching the Bear Route project in Chukotka in the spring of 2024 to prevent polar bears from entering villages and to prevent encounters with people. Chukotka is home to the world's largest Chukotka-Alaska polar bear population.

Source: TASS