Caring for the health of farm animals and poultry from Nadvoitsky plant TDM LLC and Karelian Investment Company RBK LLC

Pure Karelia
Pure Karelia

Our company presents an innovative brand of feed supplements, created on the basis of advanced technologies of Nadvoitsky plant TDM LLC and Karelian Investment Company RBK LLC.

Mission of our company is to use the unique properties of natural resources of Karelia, such as shungite and brown algae of the White sea to improve animal nutrition and health.

Our company accumulated valuable experience and knowledge in the application of shungite in agriculture during last five years of work. We proved that the natural resources of Karelia have great potential for animal protection and health improvement.

Feed additives that were developed by our company due to partnership with research institutes are a natural alternative to non-organic materials. It is not only about increasing productivity, but also strengthening immunity, improving digestion and protecting against diseases.

The goal of our company is to help farmers and poultry breeders to achieve maximum results using knowledge about the properties of shungite and brown algae. Our company is constantly improving, expanding its range and offering a comprehensive approach to feeding farm animals and poultry.

With your animals will be healthier, more productive and become long-lived!

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