Regular Tourist Flights to North Pole via Taimyr due in 2024


© AARI, Andrei Paramzin

A hotel in Khatanga has been restored, the local airport's runway has been modernised, and there is a new tour operator for such products, the regional administration's representative said.

The Krasnoyarsk Region plans to begin regular tourist flights to the North Pole via the Taimyr Peninsula in 2024, deputy head of the governor's administration told TASS at the Russian Creative Week - Siberia forum.

The Krasnoyarsk Region is a federal subject of Russia located in Central and Eastern Siberia, part of the Siberian Federal District.

As yet, when tourists want to get to the North Pole, they get to Svalbard and take an Antonov An-74 flight to the Barneo Ice Base. Then, aboard a Mil Mi-8 helicopter, they eventually reach the North Pole. The settlement of Khatanga will be the starting point of the new route via the Taimyr Peninsula.

If everything goes well, and we are moving actively in this direction, then from next April these flights will be regular, the regional administration's representative said.

The outstanding issues are the border control, the aircraft - since it will be a commercial product, and we as the state would not be selling it, tour operators will sell it, she continued.

Khatanga is one of the northernmost settlements in the region, where more than 2,000 people live. Air communication is the only year-round option to get to that settlement, and the navigation option is available for just one month - from late August to late September.

Source: TASS