Researchers Have Published the Results of Work on the Northern Sacred Places


The first results of research on the sacred places of the peoples of the North located in Yakutia were published.

‎In the Arctic Oleneksky district of the Russian Sakha Republic, materials from the Oleneksky Museum of Local Lore were processed. About 600 objects were attributed to the territory of the district during archaeological excavations. Experts have noted all the places where they were found. Also various legends were recorded confirming the sacredness of these places.

Currently, researchers are preparing for summer field work. It is planned to visit the places of Olenek, Taas-Yuryakh and Suldyukar for mapping with the definition of the boundaries of sacred places, their full description and further creation of object passports.

In 2023, the diamond mining company Alrosa and the Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Problems of the Small Peoples of the North of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences signed an agreement to document the sacred places of the indigenous small peoples of the North of Yakutia in the area of the diamond mining industry. All work should be completed in August 2024.

It is traditional for Russia to support indigenous peoples of the North. In 2023 Nornickel attracted international experts, including United Nations experts, to develop new approaches to cooperation with the North's small-numbered indigenous peoples.



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