Russia and China Will Increase Cooperation in the Field of Development of Forest Resources of the Far East


Vladimir Putin and President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping made statements for the media following the Russian-Chinese talks. Photo: Mikhail Tereshenko, TASS

Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation participated in the XVIII meeting of the permanent Russian-Chinese working group on the development and use of forest resources. The event was also attended by representatives of the largest industry associations, that interact with partners from China, authorities of the Irkutsk and Tomsk regions. The meeting was devoted to the further development of cooperation between Russia and China.

The program of the XVIII meeting of the permanent Russian-Chinese working group on the development and use of forest resources included a round table devoted to the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of timber industry. The participants of the meeting also discussed the issues of restructuring of logistics chains and the development of new transport corridors. Five potential projects for the production of oriented chipboard, lumber and sulfate unbleached pulp, as well as greenfield projects for the construction of a house-building plant and a timber processing enterprise in the territories of the Khabarovsk and Trans-Baikal Territories were presented to the participants of the meeting. These projects currently need co-investors. According to the representative of the Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, forest areas for these projects have been prepared and reserved, the issue of raw materials has been solved.

During the meeting, the participants exchanged their views on the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation, existing problems, prospects for cooperation and identified areas for further work in the field of development and use of forest resources.

‘The Russian side attaches particular importance to cooperation with China in the field of forestry, which takes place under the strategic leadership of the heads of our states and has achieved positive progress. We are interested in implementing agreements in the field of development and use of forest resources, expanding cooperation and implementing joint projects on deep processing of wood. I am confident that our effective dialogue will strengthen economic ties between our countries and will become the basis for further development of sectoral trade turnover,’

Oleg Bocharov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The participants jointly signed the minutes of the meeting and concluded that it is necessary to more actively establish business contacts between large enterprises of the two countries in order to organize business and partnership cooperation.

‘Such events give an opportunity to better understand each other, study the specifics of relationships and, acquiring a credit of trust, take further steps in the implementation of mutually beneficial joint projects. I believe that further cooperation in the development and implementation of investment projects for deep processing of wood will make a significant contribution to the economic development of our countries and strengthen Russian-Chinese relations. Within the framework of the current Russian legislation, assistance in creating favorable conditions for cooperation will be provided for such enterprises, concluded Oleg Bocharov.



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