Norway and Russia Signed 2024 Fisheries Agreement


Photo: Yandex

Norway and Russia have successfully reached an agreement through digital negotiations on a fishing treaty for 2024, the Government of Norway reports.

It is good that we have entered into a fisheries agreement with Russia, despite the fact that this year we are also in an extraordinary situation. The agreement ensures long-term and sustainable marine management in the northern areas, and is fundamental for us to be able to take care of the cod population and the other species in the Barents Sea, said the Norwegian Fisheries Minister.

The Minister added that Norway is pleased with the agreement as Russia has significantly increased the capelin quota for the first time since 2018.

The capelin quota for 2024 has been set at 196,000 tonnes. This marks an increase of 134,000 tonnes, representing the highest capelin quota since 2018.

For 2024, the total quota for Northeast Arctic cod was set at 453,427 tonnes, representing a 20% reduction from the previous year’s allocation. This allocation will be distributed among Norway, Russia, and third countries in line with the established patterns. Norway’s share of the 2024 quota is 212,124 tonnes.

The Fisheries Agreement also contains terms relating to technical measures, control measures and joint research cooperation.

Norway and Russia have a longstanding and comprehensive research partnership concerning living marine resources and the ecosystem in the Barents Sea. As part of this treaty, the two nations have agreed on a joint Norwegian-Russian research programme for 2024.

The Fisheries Agreement also outlines plans to continue working on management rules for capelin, shrimp, beaked redfish, and Greenland halibut.