Russia Develops an Arctic Cruise Liner

Photo: Visualization of Kunashir

The Central Marine Design Bureau Almaz has developed a conceptual design for the Arctic cruise liner Kunashir. The design of the ship is based on the serial icebreaker of the project 23550.

The primary purpouse of the vessel is to run sea cruises and transport passengers in the Arctic. The ship provides opportunities to land on unprepared shores, ice, and uninhabited islands. Three usage options are offered: expedition, research, or cruise voyages.

The liner will be equipped for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and a helicopter, as well as two hovercrafts and two specially designed boats which can be used for tours and shoreline inspections. According to the concept, passenger cabins measure in the range from 22 to 59 square meters, and will provide amenities that meet the highest standards. The ship will be able to accommodate 74 passengers and 55 crew members, with provision and fresh water supplies sufficient for 35 days.

The vessel is 112 meters long and 20 meters wide, with a draft of 7 meters. Kunashir gains a full speed of 16 knots and an economic speed of 12 knots. With an Arc7 ice class, the liner can overcome one-year ice up to 1.7 meters thick and stationary ice up to 1.3 meters thick. Kunashir has a range of 8,000 miles.