Russian Green Hydrogen Plant to Open in Sakhalin

Photo: TG-channel Arctic Online

On July 13, the first Russian green hydrogen production facility will start operating in Sakhalin.

Currently, the construction of the facility is nearing completion, and from July 1 to 13, specialists will install the equipment. The purpouse of the facility is to train Russian specialists in the technologies, as well as to test and research projects related to hydrogen energy. The site includes a 300 MW solar power plant that supplies electricity for the production of green hydrogen, as well as storage systems, hydrogen transportation systems, and installations for testing new technologies and materials.

Students from Sakhalin State University and Moscow State University will be taught at the facility.

The facility is located in the Novikovo village with an isolated power system, and electricity will be supplied by hydrogen generation and storage systems. Additionally, hydrogen will power a cell tower in the Ogonki village in the area. The produced hydrogen is to be used for the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and in the future for machinery and public transportation in Sakhalin.

The island plans to create Russia's first hydrogen cluster, with expected participation from Rosatom and Gazprom. There are plans to build a plant producing 30,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year by 2026 and up to 100,000 tons by 2030.