Russian Music Indigenous Peoples’Group Conquers International Audience

musical group
Photo: The team members are representatives of the indigenous peoples of Siberia and the North: Chulymtsy, Dolgans, Chum, Selkups, Evenks, Khakas. The band performs songs in their languages.

Otyken, a Russian musical group that performs songs in the languages of indigenous peoples of the Russian North, has been hailed as a cultural phenomenon, reports the Arctic Russia portal.

For six years, the Russian musicians have been dominating international charts and collaborating with renowned artists. The group has already been honored with a Grammy award.

Initially, the project was conceived as a musical group consisting of Chulym people, a small ethnic group living in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. At present, there are only about 300 representatives of this people. The group also includes performers from Dolgans, Kets, Selkups, Evenks, and Khakas.

It is reported that in their creative work, Otyken combines elements of electronic pop music, folk motifs, the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples of the North, various styles of throat singing, and actively uses national instruments.

In April of this year, another success came to the group with a new project: a joint track with American rapper Xzibit.


Otyken has over 2 million subscribers on TikTok, 800 thousand on YouTube, and more than 200 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

The group received the Grammy's Global Spin award in 2022. At the end of 2023, Otyken artists performed at the UN Climate Change Conference and became the headliners of the HOZO festival.

Otyken's songs will be digitized, sealed in a "time capsule," and delivered to the Moon as part of the scientific space program The Lunar Codex with the support of NASA and SpaceX.