Scientists Created a Frost-resistant Glue for Use in Arctic Conditions


© RIA Novosti. Ruslan Krivobok

New cold-resistant adhesives made to endure temperatures of minus 60-70°C have been synthesized by specialists of the Institute of Technical Chemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The invention is highly relevant in connection with Russia's development of oil and gas fields in the Arctic.

The improved compounds are stronger than their predecessors and freeze at temperatures below -70°C. The scientists managed to achieve these unique qualities thanks to an original idea of synthesis.

The use of mixtures of hardeners of different nature allows to increase physical and mechanical characteristics of the developed materials, explained Alexey Slobodinyuk, a senior fellow at the Institute of Technical Chemistry UB RAS, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

The advantageous characteristics of the new adhesives will allow them to be used not only for fixing various structures but also as sealants. Also, the obtained compounds have a shape memory effect, which makes it possible to effectively use them as self-healing frost-proof coatings.

The project is implemented with the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The above information is provided by the press service of PFRC UB RAS.