Scientists Decode the Genomes of Mammoths and Polar Bears


The DNA has been preserved by permafrost

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Russian scientists have started decoding the genomes of Arctic animals - polar bears, walruses and extinct mammoths, a researcher at the Biotechnological Campus genomic laboratory said at the 3rd Congress of Young Scientists.

The DNA has been preserved by permafrost.

Mammoths were among the largest members of the megafauna that inhabited Eurasia and North America during the last glacial epoch. The exact reasons for their extinction are still a matter of debate among scientists.

The 3rd Congress of Young Scientists is in progress in the Sirius Park of Science and the Arts from November 28 to 30. It is the key annual event of the Decade of Science and Technology and provides the largest platform for a dialogue between advanced and fundamental science, government authorities and the real sector of economy.

Source: TASS