Seven Countries’ Rubbish Found in the Arctic


Photo: Alina Romashova |

The waste found was from Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom

The Arctic Floating University expedition’s participants explored the coasts of Novaya Zemlya. They collected waste on the islands and then sorted it on the ship. As a result, the scientists determined the amount, type and origin of the waste.

In Ledynaya Bay [Ice Harbour], plastic accounted for 40%, while treated wood achieved 54%. Besides, more than a thousand fragments of plastics and metal were found on Cape Zhelaniya’s coasts [the Cape of Desire].

The participants studied the samples and traced their origin. The list includes Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The scientists also worked directly from the ship. They recorded items floating by to collect data. Ropes, candy wrappers and even medical face masks were found.

The expedition participants also managed to take a video of Novaya Zemlya using a drone. The received pictures will be used for additional research applying neural networks.

Source: The Arctic Century



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