Short-Wave Communication System for Reindeer Herders


Photo: wirestock

Russian scientists at Novosibirsk State Technical University (NETI) are recreating the short-wave communication system for the reindeer herders living in the Russian Arctic. The system was lost in the 1990s, and now scientists are recreating it on a new, digital level.

The scientists have designed a special omnidirectional antenna and matched it with the Angara-1M radio station*.

Russian scientists have developed lightweight portable omnidirectional antennas to modernise short-wave radio stations, the university’s press office told TASS.

The short-wave communication system will help reindeer herders and Arctic residents to keep in touch with their relatives and to communicate with government authorities, healthcare organisations, etc.

Scientists are currently improving the radio station to adapt it to harsh Arctic conditions, to make it portable and more user-friendly.

* The Angara-1M is a short-wave long-range radio station produced since 1982 by the Egorshinsky Radio Plant.